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To Visit A Strangers Grave

I walk in town to which confined For nine more weeks I bring to mind The graves I would visit today Of …

Year Has Past Like a Decade Gone

A year has passed, like a decade gone, It feels we have aged, Every one has a different take On the new …

We Are Not Each Others Enemy

Time long ago – a hundred years – in a land where welcomes were slim A team came together – Brother Walfrid, …

Away in a Doorway

Just this week, homeless activists tied 56 black baloons outside Dail Eireann to highlight those who died while homeless in 2020 alone. …

Grateful to Vaccines

We today live no longer in fear, Of measles or the whooping cough, The mumps or chickenpox Because of vaccines at which …

No Knocks on the Door at Halloween

For all those years, like the Grinch I was When all dressed up they’d be seen Going door to door looking for …

The Plague Paths are Fading Now

The plague paths are fading now That were worn by feet Of folk who sought to avoid The people that they would …

We Are All Wanderers

Inspired by quotes from John Connell, author of “The Running Book”, who said to see our way through troubles including COVID19, we must never forget the beauty in life.

Ruins of Ballymacool

Those ruins stand, charred by fire Not set by a rebels hand Though many of it’s type out to the flame By …

Because The Sun Still Shines

The sun shining tells us there are better times after the storm, worth remembering in these #COVID19 times

The Wide World Beyond the Door

One good thing about #covid19 is that we should be able to get a bit of writing done. Here’s a reflective piece #InternationalPoetryCircle

Old Crone of Cairn Hill

Old Crone of Beara is said to have dropped stones that make up cairns on Cairn Hill in Longford. As with many legends, the stories vary, with some saying she was another personification of the Goddess Bridget… #Irishlegend #folklore

Future English King on Galway’s Streets

The royal visit to Galway brought mixed feelings – they are a nice couple, but is it too early to welcome British Royals where their forces killed our heroes?

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