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Christmas Reflection 2019

What does He who died for us
In his heart Sacred feel
As we tell our kids that there is no God
But Santa Claus is real?

Simple Prayer for Complex Times

There are those who say that prayer is dead In the Ireland of today Where rationalism and science of modern times Has …

Last of the Faithful at St Augustine’s Holy Well

I saw a couple with their children go to the Holy Well on Lough Atalia today. The child appeared to have a bad cough, not a condition the well was known for as far as I know. The only time Ive seen actual pilgrims come to it in all my years in the city. I hope it works for them.

It Is But Stone

It is but stone – yet how it burns! It that stood when bombs from sky rained down: When heads to baskets …

The Nun Who Changed a Bishops Heart

In memory of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Strong of will, conviction and faith As are all who to their way by God are …

The Church Of The Quill

Im not a great one for churches, unless visiting ruined ones! But I worship God in my own way… another of the …

Saint Donatus of Fiesole

At Inishcaltra he learned to write At his mothers knee to pray In Italy he learned to fight In Ireland he was …

The Tithe Child of Romsey

One tenth of all – the parsons share From cows in pasture to poultry flock From grain blowing in the breeze To …

She A Son Bore to the World

She a son bore to the world A prophet it would reject Persecute and crucify And show to him no respect… After …

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