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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

To Find Peace

I lived by a roaring river, Then beside a tumbling stream, Then beside a placid canal, Thought to live beside the sea …

Price of a Life in the Land of the Free

As the world is up in arms over the death of George Floyd, let us reflect on the alleged crime he is deemed guilty of, passing a dud $20 bill. Yes, he had a history – drug abuse and violent crime – which he did his time for, serving his debt to society. It doesnt mean he had to die for such a crime, unproven, just alleged.

Drumshambo: July 12th

I walk where Orangemen don’t do now Who walked this day so long ago When our folk stayed off of the road …

Grey Skies Over Aughrim

Grey skies over Aughrim: Fields peaceful and green, That knew terror and bloodshed Where battle had been. But now only cows graze …

Life Is Like A Carpet Weaved

Life, in all its complexeties is like a carpet weaved, except its pattern is not as predictable…

Fiddlers Three

Ill post the words when I get the chance – one of the videopoems…

Revelations on a Limerick Street

Brown grey, the streets meander Over waters seeking sea I walking, amble aimless As if anywhere else to be Would be as …

George Floyd – A Short Elegy

He served his time for the crimes he had done – Whether sentences given is enough or not, Is the victims right …

Six Minutes Until Death

Marching to their deaths they sang the music to “Top of Cork Road”. Joe McKelvey had read in “Gadfly” that it took six minutes for a man to bleed to death when shot in the heart. Commenting, one said if they were shot they hoped it would not take that long. Little did they know it takes everyone that long to die when shot that way, and it was soon coming for them…

She Stood Alone At The Altar

The Ms Dopping-Hepenstal stood up by her groom who had eloped to India with another woman without her knowing is still spoken of today. Her sister was involved with one of the Edgeworths, but in the end neither girl married. Some versions of the story have Edgeworth as the cad, but most do not.

Ruins of Ballymacool

Those ruins stand, charred by fire Not set by a rebels hand Though many of it’s type out to the flame By …

Moneenageisha Harbour, Lough Atalia

No-one comes here now with currachs Rowed by men old and young Bringing the turf to and from the islands Serenaded by …

Hungry Gulls Say Hello

These times of lockdown cause a lack of litter, which gives hunger to the wild birds…

Because The Sun Still Shines

The sun shining tells us there are better times after the storm, worth remembering in these #COVID19 times

The Wide World Beyond the Door

One good thing about #covid19 is that we should be able to get a bit of writing done. Here’s a reflective piece #InternationalPoetryCircle

Old Crone of Cairn Hill

Old Crone of Beara is said to have dropped stones that make up cairns on Cairn Hill in Longford. As with many legends, the stories vary, with some saying she was another personification of the Goddess Bridget… #Irishlegend #folklore

Future English King on Galway’s Streets

The royal visit to Galway brought mixed feelings – they are a nice couple, but is it too early to welcome British Royals where their forces killed our heroes?

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