Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the rain…

Beiruit, COVID lockdown, and yet the world goes on. We will have to live with a lot of what we think unthinkable to live with as things are…

We have been through worse before. Wars, TB epidemic, Spanish Flu, Civil War…

As with everything, a good walk clears the head. Lough Atalia, its swans and seagulls, and the Catriona barge all make up the background to my daily strolls.

In the sunshine Ireland is as good as anywhere. In the rain, we just have to seek the beauty in the drizzle!

Galway City Skyline over Lough Atalia
Galway City Skyline over Lough Atalia

COVID Anthology

I have started to submit to a few online publications, and have been featured in the publication of one out in Nigeria in the last few weeks. A compilation to combat COVID has been released as a PDF, uniting global voices in a common experience of pestillance.

I also had a verse in Issue 40 of the Poets and Writers Ezine featuring my verse on George Floyd situation.

My thanks to Izunna Okafor and Denise Dianaty respectavly for considering my verses as suitbale to their projects.

Reflections on COVID19

As we try to avoid another lockdown, I see Offaly, Laois and Kildare are locked down again for the next two weeks. If this keeps going the way it has been going, there may be no “Readings at the Pallet” this year, and even the Banagher Fair is looking in doubt.

A lot of older people attend and enjoy both, and exposing them to any risk would not be good in anyones way of thinking.

Swans of Lough Atalia
Swans of Lough Atalia

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