The world, its now a different place, and yet so much the same.

As the world is up in arms over the death of George Floyd, let us reflect on the alleged crime he is deemed guilty of, passing a dud $20 bill. Yes, he had a history – drug abuse and violent crime – which he did his time for, serving his debt to society. It doesnt mean he had to die for such a crime, unproven, just alleged.
US $20 United States twenty-dollar bill – Price of a life in America

As protest, to show the price of a life in the Land of the Free, the following verse has been written:

Life is not free in the Land of the Free
Life is cheap if you happen to be
Not white, but if you are white and a cop
You get a call to anser a complaint of a shop
You are free to press down on a mans neck till he dies
Ignore his pleas and his cries
Ignore his vitals subsided, get in medics way
You are the law, and all do what you say…
Life is cheap if black you happen to be
In the attentions of a cop in the Land of the Free.

Adapting to Technology

I used to be on the cutting edge of technology, but have drifted a little in the last few years.

However, COVID has got me up to speed again as it did with lots of others, and the use of Google Hangouts has shown how we can network.

With fellow writers in Longford Writers Group we managed this in the last couple of months. For those who cant attend meetings in person, it may be a way to attend when face to face meetings are allowed again.

Reflections on COVID19

As we emerge from COVID19 hoping for no second wave, the cocooning has proven that in life you don’t need time to do writing, you need to be in the right state of mind.

While not over worried, I found it a bad time to be writing unlike as I expected, and its only as things settle down the imfamous writers block seems to lift!

The Infamous Book
To spite all the time in the world, due to chronic laziness, the infamous book still hasnt come together! It may yet, or as my dad used to say “It may occur but never happen!”

Galway Hooker at the Docks
Galway Hooker at the Docks

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