A hundred years, all changed, and yet nothing…

“Mac Eoin was wrong to settle for the Treaty, but having fought for it, he had the right to be wrong.”
~ John Carty of Aughagreagh

My grandfather and great grandfather were neutral in the Irish Civil War. We were Republican in sympathy, but a dump of arms and rise again another day as opposed to accept the Home Rule with ribbons that the Treaty was. It was not what was fought for, and if it was all that was wanted, they could have stuck with Redmond and got as much without a shot being fired, was the opinion.

Sadly, in the Civil War to come, Paddy Callaghan was to die, not fighting the British, but firing on his own people….

Still from the 2021 Clonfin commemoration.

Events to come

COVID19 is showing few signs of lifting, so in person events will be few and far between for the next 12-18 months. So, if I partake in any events I may post them up here and you can join in if you want!!!

Online unites when crisis divides

The internet is amazing, when you stop and think about it. We take it so much for granted, but the ability to watch live an event miles away in real time, to interact in cases with it, or to have meetings with people hundreds of miles apart via Zoom meetings, is something unimaginable when I started work in a cable plant some near 25 years ago.

Via Zoom, and similar online broadcasting, we watch events, participate in them if we want, and keep in contact with friends and fellow writers.

What better can the future hold?

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