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The Night Nelson Learned to Fly

Liam Sutcliffe blew up Nelsons Pillar. This poem tells the story. He passed away today.
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

The Night Lord Nelson Learned to Fly - Nelsons Pillar Blown Up
The Night Lord Nelson Learned to Fly – Nelsons Pillar Blown Up

In Crumlin Road in Belfast town
Chatting together over drinks
The men of old who lost their lives
The folk of the day speaks and thinks
That in an Ireland of the time
That is a free land
Why should an admiral of the Empire of old
On O’Connell Street stand?

So the plot was hatched, the plan was made,
The statue was to be assailed
But the devil it is said looks after his own…
The first attempt sadly failed!
But long threatening comes at last
And Nelson sailed to the sky
No one knew who done it and when
But everybody understood the reason why.

In America today Confederates in stone
Cause to those once enslaved offence
They ask for them to be taken down
Understandanble, its common sense.
But the whites say its their culture you see…
Where did we hear that line before?
If they put them to fly like dear old Nelson
They would be a problem no more!!!


The Man Who Blew Up Nelsons Pillar (Irish Times)



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