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Walking Deadmans Beach

Legend states Columbus holidayed in Galway five years before finding America – an exotic body of a dead man washed ashore at Renmore, making him think there was land to the West, inspiring his voyages.

Renmore Point

Pass by, By Boat, By foot… You and I. I wrote this for the LOVE ON THE ROCKS – DUBLIN facebook group, …

One Faith Under Two Flags

One faith under two flags fought in Galway The Gloucester’s guns roared as shells rained from Athenry to Castlegar The Men of …

Plotting a Duel in Merlin Woods

Merlin Woods in a wood near where I live. A hospital is there now, and the wood is a public park. However, …

Awaiting the Eclipse

I wont be at Tara as planned for the eclipse later on this morning, but in Renmore due to a typical case …

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