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There They Lie Where They Died

At Drumkeeran there is a mass grave of troops who died on the march with Humbert in 1798. To see how the Irish treat our own, taking homes for banks profits instead of landlords, we often ask, was all the fighting worth it at all?

“Home Made” explores concept of home for Longford Writers Group

The Longford Writers Group – featuring yours truly – launched their anthology of poems and stories in Longford Library, to the musical accompaniment of Bernie on the keyboard, and Valerie on vocals. The anthology explored the concept of home, as it is known to each of us, and a contribution was given to “Simon” charity, helping those who have no place to call home.

Simple Prayer for Complex Times

There are those who say that prayer is dead In the Ireland of today Where rationalism and science of modern times Has …

Confusing World For Kids

Reflection in UN Day of Children. One of my few non rhyming ones, as the subject is beyond rhyme. In a world …

Ireland – Is It But a Notion?

As the Catalan Independence movement is crushed for now by Spain, we remember the Irish declaration of 1919… the events of the …

The Tithe Child of Romsey

One tenth of all – the parsons share From cows in pasture to poultry flock From grain blowing in the breeze To …

My Ireland

Stephen James Smith, the founder of the once epic Glór Sessions in the International Bar did a verse for the St. Patricks …

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