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Future English King on Galway’s Streets

The royal visit to Galway brought mixed feelings – they are a nice couple, but is it too early to welcome British Royals where their forces killed our heroes?

Walking Deadmans Beach

Legend states Columbus holidayed in Galway five years before finding America – an exotic body of a dead man washed ashore at Renmore, making him think there was land to the West, inspiring his voyages.

Charlie the Klepto Steals Hearts and Minds in Mick Lally Theatre in Galway

Some say that the arts make fun of working class people. Too often they are stereotyped. Shown as lazy, shifty, thieving and ne’er do wells. I was expecting much the same when I went to see a play “Charlies a Klepto” in the Mick Lally Theatre.

Im glad to say, I was very wrong indeed.

Passing Passengers on the 409

As I await my bus, I and the others, next to us The bus pulls in from whose windows faces Blank at …

Boats at Galway Docks

Musings on Galway Docks

To have a little boat… To sail out to the ocean waves The waters that Columbus sailed, The famine starving, the African …

Columbus in Galway

Long before the ocean blue he sailed In a journey history often has told Galways streets were walked by a Gonoan man …

Cutting Old Burkes Roses

While out walking near Salthill a few days back, a man cutting roses from a bush outside a derelict house talked to …

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