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Walking Deadmans Beach

Legend states Columbus holidayed in Galway five years before finding America – an exotic body of a dead man washed ashore at Renmore, making him think there was land to the West, inspiring his voyages.


Dermots passion, in stealing Teirnans wife, would have an effect on #Ireland that would last longer than the better known wars of Troy …

The Cock and the Crock of Gold

The legend of the Cock and the Crock of Gold in Kilcormac, in the times of the Wars of the Molloys… The …

Flickering Candles Foretell Death

A tradition of foretelling a death from North Longford… From the Irish Folklore Commission In days gone by a tradition old Of …

Kings of the Sun of Sacred Bloodline

A work in progress reflecting on the death of the Sun King, its relationship to the modern Sangreal legends, and the connections …

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