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Last of the Faithful at St Augustine’s Holy Well

I saw a couple with their children go to the Holy Well on Lough Atalia today. The child appeared to have a bad cough, not a condition the well was known for as far as I know. The only time Ive seen actual pilgrims come to it in all my years in the city. I hope it works for them.

The Church Of The Quill

Im not a great one for churches, unless visiting ruined ones! But I worship God in my own way… another of the …

Saint Donatus of Fiesole

At Inishcaltra he learned to write At his mothers knee to pray In Italy he learned to fight In Ireland he was …

My Way Is In The Sand Flowing

” My way is like the sand flowing between the shingle and the dune” The sand it flows on the seashore Here …

The Donkey and the Thistle

“Shy but willing, like an ass at a thistle” Longford saying about a person interested but hesitant and afraid to pursue what …

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