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Folk of the Land of the Whin

From where to the world’s four corners spread All desire to, but few manage to return To children tales told, songs sung …

There Wont Be A Word About Us

Mam and Dad had a wistful saying: “Forty years from now, there wont be a word about us…” rueing the passing of life and death… We always think it wont be so, but maybe it is truer than we care to admit and is true of us all…

Simple Prayer for Complex Times

There are those who say that prayer is dead In the Ireland of today Where rationalism and science of modern times Has …

Mother Duck

As part of the #twistednurseryrhyme challenge from “Pandora’s Box of Horrors” and “We PAW Bloggers” groups on Facebook, where a nursery rhyme …

Jack and Jill – A Horror Story

Jack and Jill went out to kill Vampires they saught to slaughter… But Jack stabbed Jill On top of the Hill… Said …

For Her a Cottage in Heaven

Helen lived in England, her fathers family were from Longford. They were trying to find a nice cottage to come home to. She loved chatting about cottages and unraveling family trees. She never got the cottage of her dreams before she died.

Idiots Rebellion

The tragic consequences of voting for abortion to rebel against a corrupt church is as stupid as driving on the wrong side of the road to protest a corrupt police…

Last of the Faithful at St Augustine’s Holy Well

I saw a couple with their children go to the Holy Well on Lough Atalia today. The child appeared to have a bad cough, not a condition the well was known for as far as I know. The only time Ive seen actual pilgrims come to it in all my years in the city. I hope it works for them.

Walking Deadmans Beach

Legend states Columbus holidayed in Galway five years before finding America – an exotic body of a dead man washed ashore at Renmore, making him think there was land to the West, inspiring his voyages.

Charlie the Klepto Steals Hearts and Minds in Mick Lally Theatre in Galway

Some say that the arts make fun of working class people. Too often they are stereotyped. Shown as lazy, shifty, thieving and ne’er do wells. I was expecting much the same when I went to see a play “Charlies a Klepto” in the Mick Lally Theatre.

Im glad to say, I was very wrong indeed.

We Shall Not Be Divided

We shall not be divided, the Christian and the Moslem, on the deeds of extremists on both sides…

Give Stonehenge Back to the Irish!

One legend states the stones of Stonehenge came from Killare in Westmeath, the Hill of Uisneach. When Merlins army failed to take them by force, he took them by majic, wanting “The Giants Ring” to make a monument to an army of his that died in battle.

Another legend says a Westmeath woman sold them to the devil. Which is true? We explore in rhyme…

It Is But Stone

It is but stone – yet how it burns! It that stood when bombs from sky rained down: When heads to baskets …

Witch Wendy of the Wood and Grainne of the Geis

Part fairytale, part parody of Teresa May / Brexit, a poem for children about Witch Wendy who could neither stay or go without breaching geis, being mastered by Gráinne, a simple village girl, whose birth was foretold in curse of her dying grandmother.

Pondering Poetry

Whimsical verse on poetry, and the relationship between poet and reader…

To Bury A Cat

I many be known yet for my cat poems – we recently lost one of the house cats that strayed in and out. It returned to die where it was born… cats are more loyal than we think… #Radimires #CatPoem #Cats #CatsofRenmore


  For the late John Ratcliffe, to help give peace and comfort to David Ratcliffe, freinds and family. A rambling verse written …

Rebel Asleep

Pondering the sleeping rebels who fled after defeat at Ballinamuck in 1798 who sought refuge in Edenmore Bog

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