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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh


Dermots passion, in stealing Teirnans wife, would have an effect on #Ireland that would last longer than the better known wars of Troy …

Willie Rimes Goes to Confession

  A legend in his own lifetime Afraid he’d go to hell The bold Willie went in to the church All his …

Free Verse in Free Flow

Random lines on a fleeting thought
Wrought stanzas on the page…

Poor Scholar of Today

What to me is Gael and Gall?– “Poor Scholar of the Forties”, Padraic ColumbLittle Greek or Latin is taught nowScholars of former …

Little Vixen on the River Shannon... she is to be renamed "Wyvern"

Year of Graves and Waves

2018 was the year for graves and waves – we lost two members of the Tullamore Rhymers, and my little boat brought me from Killaloe to Lanesbo

Willie Rimes Builds a Boat

We havnt heard from Willie Rimes in a while… as expected, he has been up to no good… in a self built boat! What POSSIBLY could go wrong?

Finchley Cemetry when it was consecrated in 1854

Funeral for a Thief

Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships… Chicago May and her wild red hair sent many men to their deaths, or to kill…

One Good Man Among The Blueshirts

Among their ranks were a few good men For whom me must give thanks When Dé Velera against the people Stood with …

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