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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

The Wide Word Beyond the Door

One good thing about #covid19 is that we should be able to get a bit of writing done. Here’s a reflective piece #InternationalPoetryCircle

Old Crone of Cairn Hill

Old Crone of Beara is said to have dropped stones that make up cairns on Cairn Hill in Longford. As with many legends, the stories vary, with some saying she was another personification of the Goddess Bridget… #Irishlegend #folklore

Future English King on Galway’s Streets

The royal visit to Galway brought mixed feelings – they are a nice couple, but is it too early to welcome British Royals where their forces killed our heroes?

There They Lie Where They Died

At Drumkeeran there is a mass grave of troops who died on the march with Humbert in 1798. To see how the Irish treat our own, taking homes for banks profits instead of landlords, we often ask, was all the fighting worth it at all?

What Loss to Gain a King!

The foundation story of the Clan Eoghanachta, with the tragic death of Eoghan, and the craftiness of Díl the Druid…

King Harmon’s Clock

Laurence King Harmon had a number of structures built in his honour, paid for it is said by subscription of “a grareful tenantry”. Self praise is no praise, and whether subscription was under duress or genuine is unknown. Bad times were ahead, and for the cruelty of his estates eviction is how his name will be known, no matter whats carved in stone…

Wexford Bridge

Verona Murphys comments about terrorists on Wexford Bridge got her shot off the FG ticket. Her faux patriotism was blind to the …

Life is a Treasure Map

The experiences shared by those now gone The opinions with which you may not agree Showed another’s path whose wisdom they share …

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