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“A Nightingale Falling” – Film Review

I dont do many film reviews, but as this one is shot local in Offaly…

“The Wind That Shakes The Barley” for the Anglo Irish community, and thats not a bad thing… sibling rivalry, a four way love quadrangel, two suffering unrequited love, the quandry of an Anglo family in a rebel area, where the Tans are active, the conflict of christian duty to a wounded soldier without being loyal as such to the state he represents, and the danger from an element among the rebels who resent them regardless…
Brilliant plot, fantastic acting, neutral on the political issue, and second to non cinematography.

And filmed in North Offaly and Westmeath…

A must see. It will be an Irish classic in time.https://www.facebook.com/ANightingaleFalling



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