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Writings in Rhyme and other writings…

Looking back at times and verses past, its nice to republish some verses that were on this or on other websites before…
Fog on the Moor
Fog on the Moor

a lifetime of verse…

The heavy hand of a good editor is a kind thing on any body of writing, and I am my own worst editor, hence the fact that no official book has been forthcoming of the past years, with the exception of Ommmmm the chapbook.

However, the plan, should it come to fruition, is to get a book out this year, probably around September… so watch this space!

A few articles in new online publication “The Galway Eye”

Fake news – I can’t believe I believed it!

Drugs as easy to get in Galway as anywhere else

Nuala O’Faolain moved to Galway in her final days

More can be read over on the Galway Eye feature page on the website here.Sun behind the Trees - Legga in Longford, Ireland

Sun behind the Trees – Legga in Longford, Ireland 



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