God Being Stupid Needs Our Help

A Jewish guide in the Pinkas synagogue tells a story that the Star of David is not a Jewish one at all but invented by Christians to carve into headstones so that God would know to save only those with crosses on their headstones. A story to other visitors told That the Star of David is not really a symbol …Read more »


I Had No Time Old Clocks to See

While walking in Prague way back in 2009 or so, I saw an old clock shop that I wanted to visit but was in a hurry to somewhere else before it closed. Should I be in Prague again, I do intend to visit it. The latest of my reposted poems… I had no time old clocks to see In a …Read more »


They Came, They Voted, Ireland Changed

They came by boat, they came by plane They went by busses, I got the train They registered to vote who never voted before I voted, having never missed the chance to, in Tullamore The rainbow seen before over Clifden town I wondered was it a good omen as on it I looked down It seems it was, Im proud …Read more »


Pondering Old Men Reading About Moon Landing

I wonder if, hand to stubbled jaw, When they the pictures in the paper saw, Of the moon, to which man had just been, Of which the likes before was never seen, By anyone, least of all folks from these wild rural hills, Who knew but sport and drink and dancing for thrills, Who come from a landscape lunar to …Read more »


Storms and Sunshine Come from the Same Sky

Trialling times tear tears from our eye Make us wonder, worry, question why What has changed as these storms here rage? Weather unwelcome wild and strange… The same sky is above us each day Both storms and sunshine have their play Each in their own time dance and pass Some fork enjoy neither mood or day, alas! The same sky …Read more »


Sleeping Scribe

Sleeping scribe with inward eye Ponders life, its challenges, wonders why Through the jumbles of our dreams Rummages random through lifes scenes Poet when sleeping is still writing Editing experiences: insights inviting Still creating verses in his sleep On the internal journal that the mind does keep. A poets work is never done… www.writingsinrhyme.com A photo posted by Thomas Carty …Read more »


Dahlia, Berber Warrior Queen

Background Story Known as “The Witch” (al-Kahinat) to the invading Arabs, she was a fierce and wise resistance fighter for the Berber people. Her fate was a soldiers fate, unlike Umm* who suffered death by being torn limb from limb by a pair of camels to which she was tied. As with the story of Dahlia burning her cities, the …Read more »


Those Little Boats Goliaths Faced

Those little boats Goliath’s faced Commandeered and commanded by brave men Who risked their lives to save others lives So they could fight again. Dunkirk saw the flames and heard the screams Not since Moses parted the Red Sea So the Israelite’s could escape from the Egyptians Such a miracle en masse the world see. There were angles looking down …Read more »


It is All For Little That We Poets Write

A poet writes his words that will Be read by someone who does not care And thinks it odd these rhyming lines That his flowing pen laid there But he cares not and keeps on writing As surely as the grass will grow And as sure as we pull up the grass as a weed So indifference to our poems …Read more »


She Removes The Mask She Wears

She removes the mask that to the world she wears Behind which she hides all her cares For she fears the judgmental stares Should she be seen as weak And falling away are the other faces She wears in the other places As she adjusts to fit in the labels spaces For acceptance is all she does seek Mother, worker, …Read more »

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